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History & Philosophy



In 1958, a group of Christian parents from the Phoenix Christian Reformed Church committed themselves to educating their children within a framework of God’s truth. The first classes were held at the current site for nearly 60 students in 1959. By 1972 enrollment had grown to 150 students and a five classroom building was added. Over the years various adjacent lots and residences have been acquired for school use. The school is currently on 5+ acres of land, has three educational buildings that include PreK - 8 classrooms, media center, music room, and kitchen.  In May 2011 a gymnasium was built on the school grounds to enrich our physical education program as well as our afterschool sports programs.

Future plans include an additional administration and classroom building.  Our commitment is still the same; a strong foundation of education has drawn like-minded families to PCS for over 56 years.



The predominant purpose for founding the school was to provide Christian parents with a Christ-centered educational environment where the home, church and school worked together, each mutually supporting the other. The belief was (and is) that our children should experience and gain an understanding of God's great love for them, and rely on His word as the foundation for all wisdom and learning. At PCS PreK-8 the truths of Scripture have provided a light and a path to teach students to understand our great God, His world, and their place in it.

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