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Phoenix Christian School K-8  |  Academics

At Phoenix Christian School PreK-8, our students receive a carefully defined educational program emphasizing basic skills and a full range of creative activities.  Our students are provided with many opportunities for mental, spiritual, physical and emotional growth in a caring atmosphere.

 Bible Instruction

  • Our daily Bible classes follow the Bible curriculum from Christian Schools International.
  • All classes are taught from a Christian worldview.
  • Our students are challenged to think deeper about their faith. Our curriculum helps to foster a more personal faith, moving their beliefs from their heads to their hearts. 
  • All classes open their school day with devotions and all school chapels are held twice monthly.


  • The math curriculum builds each year in the areas of numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability, problem solving and reasoning.
  • Starting in 5th grade, students have the opportunity to test into high level math. Some students have been able to complete high school level geometry during their 8th grade year.


  • Starting in 5th grade, students are involved in a number of STEM units that complement our curriculum.
  • Students at every grade level are challenged to think and act as scientists.

Language Arts/Phonics

  • Grades 1-6 have specific handwriting workbooks for students and grades 7-8 continue to emphasize proper handwriting.
  • Cursive lettering instruction begins in 3rd grade.
  • The curriculum encompasses the reading and literature programs, writing skills, grammar studies, as well as spelling and language usage.
  • The upper level classes study speech and drama.
  • Starting in Kindergarten, our students receive phonics instruction to encourage reading success. 

Social Studies

  • Various textbooks and trade books are incorporated into our course of study to ensure a thorough coverage of all of the essential elements of social studies, particularly geography, history, and civic responsibility.

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