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Phoenix  Christian School PreK



The Empower Program is a public health program for licensed child care facilities in Arizona sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health Servies 

10 Ways to empower your children to live healthy lives!


Our preschool curriculum is designed to help each child grow and develop in his or her awareness, knowledge and skill levels. Our classroom environment is filled with age appropriate developmental activities that encourage children to discover, to experiment and to express themselves.  Some important foundational elements include the following:


  • Pre-reading and pre-writing activities
  • Language development
  • Math concepts
  • Motor skills and movement
  • Social / emotional development
  • Creative expression
  • Introduction to God's world and science
  • Spiritual development and growth



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Our preschool staff is dedicated to each child's success as we prepare them to enter elementary school.  The vital pre-kindergarten concepts, taught by a state-certified teacher, are intended to expand each child's mind.  Planned activities help to grow the body as well as nurture feelings of love, safety and security, while having fun in a Christian environment.  We develop a Biblical perspective of who they are in relation to God's creation, and what His purpose is for their lives.  We emphasize the importance of family, respect and love for others, faith in Jesus Christ, prayer, study of God's word, worship, and living a life glorifying to God.





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