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Keepers of the Legacy


KEEPERS OF THE LEGACY is our first annual pledge drive designed to help provide a large portion of our annual operating expenses.  Our prayer is to raise $126,000 annually.   How can you help?  Partner with us by pledging to donate just $45, $35, or $25 monthly.  When multiplied by the goal of 100 monthly donors for each amount, this provides $10,500 of additional monthly income to the school.


Becoming a KEEPER OF THE LEGACY partner is easy...Our hope is that you would prayerfully consider if you are able to help support the school in this way.  We felt led to keep the pledge requests small, so that many of you would be able to become a Legacy Partner.  If you are able to donate more, we appreciate your added commitment.  Every donation makes an impact. There's strength in numbers!

Please pray about your financial commitment and return the pledge form found below.  Thank you from all of us, children included, for your support.  May you be blessed knowing that your consistent giving will help us to more effectively do the work God has called us to here at PCS PreK-8.

In Him,

Phoenix Christian School PreK-8 Ways & Means Committee


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