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We welcome you to Phoenix Christian School PreK-8.  Thank you for visiting the school's website.  As you navigate your way through, we think you will find that we are very intentional in what we do as a Christian school.   To help you understand our commitment to your student and to your family, consider how these aspects of a Christian worldview impact an education.

We are committed to…TEACHING TRUTH

Students have the privilege of learning and applying God’s Word.  History, science, creation, math, art, music, literature, relationships, stewardship, physical education and sports are all seen through the lens of Scripture.  For example, we teach that our nation was born by founding fathers who put their trust in God, that the world and all that is in it was breathed into existence by God, and that we were created by His design and for His purpose.

We are committed to…EDUCATING FUTURES

Our academics far exceed state standards and national norms.  Our highly qualified teachers know and love their students.  They know each student’s character and capabilities, and they do all they can so your child will achieve his or her potential.  Therefore, when the time comes for them to enter the world as young Christian men and women, PCS PreK-8 students are characterized by being academically prepared and spiritually equipped to serve God on whatever path He leads them.

With PCS PreK-8, you are choosing a future for your child that, together with the home and the church, is built on a sure and solid foundation. There’s so much more to learn about us, so please call or email.  We welcome the opportunity to show you firsthand all that this Christian school has to offer!


2425 N. 26th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85008
Conveniently located just south of Thomas Road and just east of 24th Street 


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